J. Villa Construction, Inc. takes great pride in creating exceptionally beautiful projects at incredibly affordable pricing, for both public and private sector clients. Comprised of a well-coordinated, highly professional team of builders, we are best known for our quality work.

Our Vision

Our core values are the standard by which we conduct business.

These values enable us to build futures for our stakeholders including the environment. Our forces embody the vision of our founders and encompass the values vital to company success.

Our core stature represent how we deal with our customers, how we respond to our stakeholders, and how we hold ourselves accountable. Our social responsibility and environmental planning make us good neighbors and an environmentally responsible contractor.


Safety is our number one priority at J. Villa Construction, Inc.

Our safety policy is based on the belief that every working person is entitled to a safe place to work. We recognize our responsibility for the physical well being of our employees as established by federal and state regulations. We further recognize the vital role that effective accident prevention measures playing an efficiently run project.

Our supervisors and managers are responsible and accountable for the implementation of safe work procedures and maintenance of a job site free from hazards that would endanger people or property.